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This template is used to automate the Airdate Order of episodes in Template:Infobox Episode.


  • Module:AirdateOrder: contains the actual code and lists every episode in order by airdate. Must be updated regularly.
  • Module:Ep/Switcher: accepts the ep parameter, matches it with an episode, and returns the CxEE code to Module:AirdateOrder. Must be updated regularly.


{{AirdateOrder|<ep>|<order=next or prev>}}

The ep parameter can be any of the same values used for Template:Ep and Template:Ep ref: the episode's name, the Geek & Sundry number (eg. 68), the CxEE code (eg. 3x12), etc.

When used in an episode infobox, the ep parameter can be left as {{PAGENAME}} for simplicity's sake.

The order parameter must be set to either order=next or order=prev. next will cause the template to display the episode that aired next in order; prev will display the previous episode.

If the given combination of ep and order does not produce a result (eg. "Arrival at Kraghammer" and "order=prev"; or "order=next" with the most recent episode), then the template will display N/A.

Example Result
{{AirdateOrder|Trial of the Take: Part 2|order=next}} N/A

{{AirdateOrder|3x01|order=prev}} N/A

{{AirdateOrder|1x92|order=next}} N/A

{{AirdateOrder|1x01|order=prev}} N/A

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