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Do NOT change this template's type to "navigation"! That breaks the template on mobile.


This template is used to create up to 10 HTML anchors in a page so that they may be linked using the wikilink markup. This is useful for linking to points in a list or table where section headers are not possible to insert. This also allows one to invisibly name a section multiple things, to create a series of possible links, much like how a redirect works for article pages.


Known issues

When following a link created by this template, sometimes the upper Fandom navbar (with all the dropdown links such as Explore and The Show) end up obscuring the line containing the anchor. This is an issue that occurs even with links to section headers and appears to occur based on page loading speed. As such, it's not a problem with the template, but the way that pages load when jumping into the middle. The website attempts to account for it by loading slightly above the line, but this does not always occur.


{{anchor|<!-- anchor 1 -->|...|<!-- up to 10 -->|text=<!-- displayed text -->}}

You can set up to 10 anchor names, and these names are case sensitive. Each name must be unique on the page, both from section headers and any names set using this template. Once these names are set using this template, they can be linked to as if they were section headers. Do not try to style the names of the links inside the template. You may style the template as a whole (see Examples), but do not try something like {{anchor|''Italics''}} as it will cause the template to not work as expected.

You may use the optional |text= to set a piece of displayed text within this anchor. You may style this text. If you do not set this, the name of the first anchor will be displayed.


Code Displayed Example link
{{anchor|Fjord}} Fjord #Fjord
''{{anchor|The Mist|The Mistake}}'' The Mist #The Mistake
{{anchor|Artagan|The Traveler|Sprinkle|text=Jester's pet crimson weasel}} Jester's pet crimson weasel #Sprinkle

Example of section renaming

Section 1
{{anchor|Section 1|link to Section 1}}
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4

#link to Section 1

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