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This template is used to create a deity infobox. To insert the blank infobox parameters into an article, paste the following substitution code into the article and save it:
{{subst:Infobox Deity/SubstTemplate}}


More information about the content of these fields can be found in the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.
Type {{Infobox Deity|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.


| Name = The deity's given name.
| Image = Image (Just the name, no File: or brackets required)
| Caption = Includes a source for the image
<!-- Deity information -->
| Classification = Possible classifications include Prime Deities, Betrayer Gods, Lesser Idols, Demon Princes, and Archdevils.
| CharacterTitles = Any titles the deity holds, if applicable.
| Province = That over which the deity holds dominion<!--I'm blanking on a better way to phrase this, maybe someone else can help and then delete this comment-->. This is easy to ascertain in the ''[[Explorer's Guide to Wildemount]]'', as it is a column on a chart listing the deities.
| Symbol = The deity's holy symbol.
| GenderExpression = The gendered expression/presentation of the deity. Some examples: Raei is depicted as a woman (feminine), the Luxon is depicted in shapeless form (genderless), Pelor is depicted as a paternal figure (masculine), and Corellon is depicted as androgynous.
| Pronouns = The set of pronouns used by the deity. Some examples: Sehanine uses she/her/hers, Bahamut uses he/him/his, and Corellon uses they/them/theirs.
| CreatureType = The creature type of the deity. Unless it is definitely known, this will most often be blank.
| Alignment = The alignment of the deity along the Law-Chaos and Good-Evil axes.
| Plane = The plane, usually in the Outer Planes, in which the deity resides.
| Realm = The personal domain of the deity – although some claim no domain.
<!-- Worship -->
| Worshipers = The groups of people most likely to worship the deity.
| Holy day = Any holidays dedicated to the deity.
| Temple = Any particularly important temples to the deity.
| Domain = The recommended domains for clerics of the deity.
| Patron = The recommended patrons for warlocks of the deity.
| Vestige = Some deities granted legendary relics to their heroes in the time before the Calamity. These can be listed here.
| Arm = Use this if the relic is an Arm of the Betrayers
<!-- Appearances -->
| First = Episode code of first appearance ({{ep|CHAPTERxEPISODE}})
| Last = Episode code of last appearance ({{ep|CHAPTERxEPISODE}}) 
| Stream = Campaigns appeared in formatted as, i.e.: Campaign 1 (X episodes)
| Television = Titles of television series appeared in formatted as, i.e.: ''The Legend of Vox Machina'' (X episodes)
| Comic = Titles of comic series appeared in
| Other = Non-episode and non-comic work appeared in

Empty Template

When {{Infobox Deity}} is modified, please update {{Infobox Deity/SubstTemplate}}:

{{Infobox Deity
| Title = 
| Name = 
| Image = 
| Caption = 
<!-- Deity information -->
| Classification	= 
| CharacterTitles = 
| Province = 
| Symbol = 
| GenderExpression = 
| Pronouns = 
| CreatureType = 
| Alignment = 
| Plane = 
| Realm = 
<!-- Worship -->
| Worshipers = 
| Holy day = 
| Temple = 
| Domain = 
| Patron = 
| Vestige = 
| Arm = 
<!-- Appearances -->
| First = 
| Last = 
| Stream = 
| Television = 
| Comic = 
| Other = 
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