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Infobox Item

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This template is an infobox for items and objects, including magical items.


  • name: The canon name for the item. Defaults to the article name.
  • image: The best-quality official image or image for which the wiki has permission. Do NOT set image as "thumb". Please include in the format of "File:Name.png", preferably without brackets.
  • upright: Optional. Image size expressed as a percentage where 1 is 100%, 0.5 is 50%, and 1.5 is 150%. Do not use with image_size. Do not set unless necessary.
  • image_size: Optional. Image size expressed in pixels (px). Do not use with upright. Do not set unless necessary.
  • image_alt: Image alt text.
  • caption: A caption briefly describing the image above using {{art caption}} or {{art official caption}}.
  • AKA Other names the object is called.
  • type: What type of object it is. Categories for magical items are: armor, potion, ring, rod, scroll, staff, wand, wondrous item, or weapon (sub-type).
  • rarity: The rarity of the object, if known. Rarity categories are common, uncommon, rare, very rare, legendary, and artifact.
  • materials: All known materials used in the creation of the object.
  • price: The value of the object.
  • attunement: If the object is a magic item, whether or not the object requires attunement to use, and what requirements for attunement are needed.
  • properties: Any notable properties the object displays or has. It is not required to list every property here, please stick to important ones.
  • spells: Any spells that can be cast from the item. Consider using {{flatlist}} for short lists.
  • charges: The number of charges and when they reset, i.e. "1 per spell, resets at dawn" or "20 charges, regains 2d8 + 4 at dawn"
  • DC: The spell save DC for spells or effects.
  • created: The date and location the item was originally created.
  • creator: The individual(s) or group(s) that originally created the item.
  • owners: Every known owner, including individuals and groups, of such an item.
  • destroyed: Date, location, and method of destruction.
  • status: The last known status of the object e.g. when and where it was destroyed or banished, who or what destroyed or banished it, whether manufacturing of it was discontinued, whether it was given to a new owner, etc.

Empty template

Delete unneeded parameters when using the template in an article.

{{Infobox Item
|name = 
|image  = 
|image_alt = 
image_size = <!--set to 280px if image is too small-->
|caption = 
<!-- General Information -->
|AKA = 
|type = 
|rarity = 
|materials = 
|price = 
<!-- Properties -->
|attunement = 
|properties = 
|spells = 
|charges = 
|DC = 
<!-- Historical Information -->
|created = 
|creator = 
|owners = 
|destroyed = 
|status = 

Sample output

General information
Also known asAKA
Notable propertiesproperties
Historical information
Created bycreator
{{Infobox Item
|name = name
|image  = File:Placeholder.png
|caption = caption
<!-- General Information -->
|type = type
|rarity = rarity
|materials = materials
|price = price
<!-- Properties -->
|attunement = attunement
|properties = properties
|spells = spells
|charges = charges
|DC = DC
<!-- Historical Information -->
|created = created
|creator = creator
|owners = owners
|destroyed = destroyed
|status = status
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