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This template allows linking to a term that does not have an article here at the Critical Role wiki, and seems like a sensible article to have here at the wiki, but would be helpful to provide a link elsewhere in the meanwhile. In other words, this allows an editor to retain a redlink while also providing a context link at another wiki. Once the article is created and exists at this wiki, the template hides the interwiki links.

This template is to be used sparingly, limited to instances that already seem like a sensible article for this wiki to have. In most cases, linking directly to the other wiki without leaving a redlink already is sufficient and this template is not necessary.

This template borrows the concept and style from Template:Interlanguage link at Wikipedia, though does not have coding in common.


  • Only a total of two links are supported.
  • Piped links are not supported.
  • If the article at English Wikipedia or the Forgotten Realms wiki has a page name different than what would sensibly exist here at the Critical Role wiki, the template currently does not account for that.


{{iwl|name of target article|wiki1|wiki2}}

Currently, the template supports only two target wikis, Wikipedia and ForgottenRealms. The following are not case sensitive.

markup target wiki
forgottenrealms Forgotten Realms
wp, wikipedia English Wikipedia

After setting up the template, make sure that an article actually exists at the English Wikipedia or the Forgotten Realms wiki! Interwiki links do not show up as redlinks, even if linked the normal way without this template, so it will not be visible from here that the target article does not exist at the other wikis.


If the article does not exist at this wiki, the template appears as...

{{iwl|neutral good|forgottenrealms}}
neutral good (fr)
bard (fr; wp)

If the article does exist at this wiki, the template appears as...

elf (fr; wp)

This should be converted to a regular wikilink [[elf]] when noticed.

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