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New item

ITEM is a...

TIP: If this item appears in D&D sourcebooks, you may find {{dnd ref}} useful. Preview for link to that template and instructions on its use.


If the item does not have a lot of information for both Appearance and Properties, the sub-headers can be deleted and everything combined into a single section.


Physical description.


Mechanical properties, such as bonuses, spells, or other abilities it confers.

Paragraph form is preferred. However, if the item has a list of multiple properties that can be concisely communicated, you may want to consider a bulleted list.


Insert sub-headers if the item appears in multiple campaigns or miniseries.

It is not necessary to mention every use or mention of the item. Focus on information such as: first appearance, purchase history, first use by a given owner, significant or noteworthy uses, important narrative moments, first use of a specific property, uncovering further information about the item, instances where it is significantly altered, transfers of ownership, and destruction.

Paragraph form is preferred. However, for a series of brief appearances, you may want to consider a bulleted list in the form of:

  • ?x??: Summary.
  • ?x??: Summary.


  • Remove this section if there aren't any fun facts.



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This template is used to populate a new item page with the standard item page structure. As the wiki grows and changes, please update this template to ensure that future item pages will start from the most up-to-date format.

This template can be preloaded into a new page by clicking the link above the edit box, or by adding the preload parameter to a full pagelink (e.g., [{{fullurl:Desired Page Name|action=edit&redlink=1&preload=Template:New_item}} Desired Page Name], which yields Desired Page Name). Alternatively, manually paste {{subst:New item}} into the edit box, then save the page, then edit it again to update the substituted draft.

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