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This template is used to standardize the "Starring" and "Guest Starring" sections of Template:Infobox Episode.  It can accommodate up to twenty actor/character pairings.


  • Format:  {{Starring|<param1>|<param2>|<param3>|<param4>|<etc.>}}
  • Every two parameters are considered an actor/character pairing, accepting as many such pairings as you need to include.
  • Required:  param1 is the actor name, with wiki markup for a link if desired:  [[Matthew Mercer]]
  • Required:  param2 is the character name (or "-self" designation), and this parameter accepts one of three options:
    1. Any custom text, including wiki markup or HTML;
    2. The letters DM or dm for a Dungeon Master line; or
    3. A single letter from the table below, allowing editors to quickly pick a gendered "-self":
Gender Parameter Purpose Produces Text
female Herself
male Himself
gender-neutral singular Zirself
inanimate singular Itself
t    -or-    p
gender-neutral plural Themselves


| [[Versa]] | f
| [[Pine]] | m
| [[Malice]] | i
| [[BBESM|]] | z
| Orphans | t
| [[Gandalf]] | An Adorable Companion
| [[Bunnies]] | dm

results in...
Versa – Herself
Pine – Himself
Malice – Itself
Orphans – Themselves
Gandalf – An Adorable Companion
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master

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The original format of this template was limited due to the code specifying a limited number of parameters with repetitive #if statements and #switches.  Revision 19215 marked the transition to new code using Extension:Variables and Extension:Loops.


This template was created by VeganCritter.  Feedback is welcome, as this template can surely be improved.
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