Unnamed Barghest

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Unnamed Barghest is a barghest who briefly encountered members of Friend and Friends. As an NPC, Unnamed Barghest is played by Bunnies.


The Barghest is a goblinoid creature who's just some guy. He had a pet hellhound, of which he was very protective.


"Friends and Fiends" (1x01)

The Barghest fell through a rift in the planes from the Abyss, landing in Lothbridge Swamp as several adventurers were aiding Sela Goldenwhirl to seal the rifts. He was hunting abyssal chickens with his pet hellhound prior to this surprise abduction. The hellhound began to attack the adventurers after it ran out of chickens and was soon slain. The Barghest transformed to its beast form, but was removed from the fight by Comet through Banishment, unable to get revenge.

"Kinky" (1x08)

Through the magic of the Boulangerie de Beaucoup's Temperance effect, Pine's magic items were swept away into a demiplane, with the Barghest as the guard. He confronts the group, and charms Versa to fight against her party. He is subsequently defeated. It is unknown whether this was a manifestation of the creature or the real one.



He loved his dog very much. Alas, he didn't train him very well.

Character information


The Barghest uses the standard fifth edition stat block for the Barghest.

Appearances and mentions


  • “You’ve all done well to defeat my challenges so far, but what do you have left?” (to Friend and Friends)[1]
  • "You! We have a score to settle. If you all wish to fight me, you’ll have to find your own way to my arena to meet your fate!" (to Versa)[1]
  • "Welcome to my arena! Let’s see if you all end up as dead as my hound!" (to Friend and Friends)[1]


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