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Intraparty Relationships of Friend and Friends
D'Bonk Fueryon Gael Lurtak Pine Ricoril Versa
D'Bonk D'Bonk D'Bonk & Fueryon D'Bonk & Gael D'Bonk & Lurtak D'Bonk & Pine D'Bonk & Ricoril D'Bonk & Versa
Fueryon Fueryon & D'Bonk Fueryon Fueryon & Gael Fueryon & Lurtak Fueryon & Pine Fueryon & Ricoril Fueryon & Versa
Gael Gael & D'Bonk Gael & Fueryon Gael Gael & Lurtak Gael & Pine Gael & Ricoril Gael & Versa
Lurtak Lurtak & D'Bonk Lurtak & Fueryon Lurtak & Gael Lurtak Lurtak & Pine Lurtak & Ricoril Lurtak & Versa
Pine Pine & D'Bonk Pine & Fueryon Pine & Gael Pine & Lurtak Pine Pine & Ricoril Pine & Versa
Ricoril Ricoril & D'Bonk Ricoril & Fueryon Ricoril & Gael Ricoril & Lurtak Ricoril & Pine Ricoril Ricoril & Versa
Versa Versa & D'Bonk Versa & Fueryon Versa & Gael Versa & Lurtak Versa & Pine Versa & Ricoril Versa
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== Description ==

This template displays a table of all possible relationships between two characters of The Party, and links to a page detailing that relationship if applicable.

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