Love and Legacy

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"Love and Legacy"
Campaign 1 Downtime
Session no.Session DT04
Session dateSeptember 19, 2021
throughMay 27, 2022
Start dateJuly 5, 353 WSK
End dateJanuary 3, 354 WSK
DMartyLurtak, Ricoril
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Daisy and the Bastards" (1x25)
"X Marks the Map" (1xOS01)
Session order
"Daisy and the Bastards" (1x25)
"X Marks the Map" (1xOS01)
List of Downtimes
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"Love and Legacy" (1xDT04) is the fourth downtime of the first campaign of Itora.


July 5, 353 WSK

Versa and Gael go to the Mountain Bypass

Pine, shortly after, goes to the Mountain Bypass

They part ways, Gael north and Versa south

Intercut between Gael asking about the train, having a nice ride and Versa having a panic attack for 24 hours straight without sleep

Gael arrives at Station

July 6

Versa arrives at Turtlemouth Station

Pine arrives at Turtlemouth Station

Gael travels across the lake

July 9

Gael encounters bad smelling area

July 12

Versa arrives at Ockburn

Versa stalks her cult back to their new Orphanage

Versa Meets Ricoril

Versa brings the abyssal chickens to the Orphanage

Versa pulls The Lovers

Pine arrives at Ockburn

Pine meets up with Hyrn

Pine meets up with Azen

July 13

Versa, Ricoril and Corhim go shopping

July 14

Versa paints a pretty good dragon on the house

Ricoril paints a terrible Versa

Versa tries to make cookies, it goes okay

July 15

The Avarice arrives in port midday

Versa gives the abyssal chickens to Kismet

Versa not proposes to her not wife

July 16

Gael arrives at their hometown

Gael is gaslit by mom

Versa and Ric travel towards Blancgarten

July 17

Versa and Ric arrive at Blancgarten

Kevin throws Bastard off the Avarice into the ocean

Gets map from crazy old man

Pyre consumes the Fruit

Kevin learns Create Food and Water

Versa gives Saasa 10 platinum, tells her she can travel wherever

July 18

Ricoril polishes the cannons all night

Pyre is resummoned with sharper, prickly feathers

Versa fights with Magpie on the deck of the ship

July 20

Versa talks with Magpie and they decide to give each other a bit of space before embarking again together

Versa goes with Lure to pick up the engagement ring

Versa gives yarn to Lure to give to Magpie, also slips the engagement ring into her pocket July 22

Pine attends the Gala

“Elk Song” becomes a hit song and dance

Pine crosses paths with Versa

July 23 - July 29

Pine does 1x Revelation on the Lark

July 30

Versa and Magpie have their awkward beach date and the angst is gone

August 20

Magpie returns to port

Versa, Magpie, Ricoril leave for the “destination proposal” on the Avarice

August 24

Operation: “Disaster Proposal” executed

August 24

Gael communes with Cordelia

August 27

The Avarice returns to Ockburn

August 28 - Oct 1

Versa does 5x revelations

September 2

Gael arrives at Blisridge

September 4

Gael arrives at the Lark Base

September 16

Gael flags down the Lark Escorts

October 2

Versa sees the Madames

Versa decides to get therapy (finally)

October 9

Versa and Magpie go to couples therapy

Magpie notices Versa’s half-heart-shaped necklace

October 31

Magpie proposes to Versa

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