Daisy and the Bastards

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"Daisy and the Bastards"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 25
Session dateSeptember 18, 2021
Start dateJune 27, 353 WSK
End dateJuly 5, 353 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Chickens of The Abyss" (1x24)
"Love and Legacy" (1xDT04)
Session order
"Chickens of The Abyss" (1x24)
"Love and Legacy" (1xDT04)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"Daisy and the Bastards" (1x25) is the 25th session of the first campaign of Itora.

With great care, the party select their murder chickens and prepare them for transport back to the Avarice. The party is still processing their meeting with the Lark and must decide what to do with the information and new perspective they've gained as they meet with the Spymaster.


Chicken Pickin

The party take the better part of an hour selecting their preferred chickens from Elijah's farm. Lurtak takes the most plump and tender one. For Kismet, Versa chooses 5 that look very different - tall/skinny, short/wide, buggy eyes, tough angy chimkim with scars, and tiny innocent chimkim. She names them all Bastard except for the last, who is named Daisy. Gael gets the shadiest-looking chicken, with skin shading that looks like a trenchcoat. Pine claims the one who attacked him, naming him Gandalf.

They gear up for their new life of pet ownership, spending 38gp on the chickens, muzzles, bells, harnesses, leads, a collapsible cage, and a cart. Twilight Sparkle and Fuzzle Muzzle drive the cart as the group head on their way towards Blisridge.

Return to Civilization

After nearly two weeks of travel out of the jungle and up the highway, the party find their way back to the city. Along the way, Pine casts Sending to Warble to tell them that Versa would visit in a few days. Warble seems pleased, saying there will be a welcome party ready for them.

Arriving midday, Versa immediately gets drunk as Pine and Gael babysit the chickens. Lurtak looks for a restaurant to cook up his chicken. He happens upon the Rustic Hen, which prepares the meat into a 6-serving stew. They also express interest in sourcing more of this meet, and Lurtak fills them in on the location of Elijah's farm.

He brings the large pot of stew back to the party, as the present members enjoy a hot, well-made meal. To wash down the food, however, they develop a hankering for sweets. Lurtak invokes the cookie tin, pulling The Heirophant:

V - The Hierophant - At any time you choose within one year of eating this cookie, you can ask a question in meditation and mentally receive a truthful answer to that question. Besides information, the answer helps you solve a puzzling problem or other dilemma. In other words, the knowledge comes with wisdom on how to apply it.

Gael pulls The Empress, then feels compelled to ask for another, pulling The Chariot:

III - The Empress - You may permanently alter your physical body in any way, including race. Upon changing race, you will lose existing racial traits and gain those of your new race. You may use this magic at any point before you die.
VII - The Chariot - You gain advantage on death saving throws. You have a greater confidence to survive danger than you did before. You may not put yourself in those situations more, but it's more like you may overstay your welcome against danger or overestimate your own abilities


The next day, the group does some minor shopping errands before making their way to House Kardin to meet with Reginald. He asks for a debrief about about their mission against the Order of the Voiceless Lark. While the party do divulge information about Assurant Ries Praas, they make no mention of meeting The Lark or any details about the warforged. Spymaster Reginald expresses mild disappointment regarding his assumption that the group war withholding information, but they performed quite well and have earned their reward. He grants the party ownership of a property in Blisridge, physical and legal protection from the Order, free access to the toll road through the mountains, access to House Kardin’s teleportation circle, and 500 platinum. With few ties to the capital city, the group ask if they can have a property in Ockburn instead, to which Reginald obliges.

Parting Ways

The group decide that this is as good a time as any to split up and pursue their own goals for a short time before regrouping in 6 months in Ockburn. Versa, feeling left out from the cookie tin activities the day before, pulls the Hermit:

IX - The Hermit - You feel intense discomfort around others. When more than one other creature is within 30ft of you, you gain disadvantage on all Charisma checks. This effect lasts until healed by Greater Restoration or Wish.

Immediately suffering its effects, Versa absconds with the cookie tin and the cart full of chickens, and the rest of the group head their own directions - to meet again in half a year's time.

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