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Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 8
Session dateMarch 27, 2021
Start dateApril 27, 353 WSK
End dateApril 27, 353 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Granny's Cookie Tin" (1x07)
"An Elaborate Ruse" (1x09)
Session order
"Granny's Cookie Tin" (1x07)
"An Elaborate Ruse" (1x09)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"Kinky" (1x08) is the 8th session of the first campaign of Itora.

The party seek to retrieve Pine’s lost items, confronting octopi, kink-friendly doors, and a very angry barghest who sought vengeance for his slain hellhound.


The party venture a few minutes north to find a cave entrance that doesn’t look like it belongs there. They brave its foggy tunnels to come across a damp, humid room with a moat of water surrounding a pedestal, upon which sits Pine’s flute. The party deduce that the door would when you play eight notes on the flute - as many arms as an octopus has. As the door opens, several tentacles appear out of the murky moat.

Several giant octopi attempt to grab members of the party, but are only able to drag Pine underwater, where to his disbelief, he finds himself able to breathe without trouble. Lurtak and Versa dive in after him, with Lurtak defeating the final octopus, freeing Pine.

Entering the next room, they find a lever, another locked gate, and inscriptions of figures raising weapons at each other. Versa notices that all of the figures are facing the direction of the exit gate. After she insinuates the gate had a kink involving being yelled at, it glowed red and raised immediately.[1]

Rounding another cave corridor, the party find a long, well-lit, wood-floored chamber with a chest sitting on the opposite side. Versa opens it to find that it was empty, just as a goblinoid creature appears. He restrains everyone in the room, announcing that he and Versa have a score to settle and casts Dimension Door, taking her with him.

Pine, Gael, and Lurtak manage to find a false wall. While they jammed the lock mechanism, brute force makes short work of the wall, leading into another cave. Poorly traversing a shallow pool of acid and lighting the brazier, the goblinoid creature appears again, declaring vengeance[2] for his dog and transforming into the barghest’s true form.[3]

Versa, mind controlled and disguised as Gael, began to attack the party. Gael uses Charm Person to wrest partial control of Versa. Several rounds later, the Barghest casts Suggestion on Lurtak, who then protects him and turns to attack Versa. Gael defeats the barghest with Toll the Dead, telekinetically pushing its body into the acid pit as its body is wracked from the necrotic damage.

After the fight, the party ties up Versa and Gael drops the charm. Versa breaks free of her bindings and attacks Gael with a nearly lethal blow. Versa is restrained by Lurtak as she frantically tried to escape. The party ultimately decided to knock her unconscious while they decide whether or not this Versa is the real one, and how they should proceed. They take her out of the cave with them and begin to travel for several hours until she regained consciousness. Stopping on the side of the road, the party discuss with Versa about her fears, past trauma, what had just transpired and why.

After the party set up camp for the night, Gael and Pine take first watch, Lurtak and Versa take second watch. Versa takes the manacles from Pine’s bag and procures a Magic Cookie.

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  1. The intended solution was to exhibit intense emotion of some kind in the direction of the door. Good enough.
  2. See "Friends and Fiends" (1x01).
  3. Out-of-character, the players remembered this barghest and his hellhound from "Friends and Fiends" (1x01). However, Versa was the only current party member who was present then. Since she was mind controlled during the fight itself, none of the characters understood who this creature was and why he sought revenge.