Granny's Cookie Tin

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"Granny's Cookie Tin"
Campaign 1 session
Session no.Session 7
Session dateMarch 20, 2021
Start dateApril 25, 353 WSK
End dateApril 26, 353 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"Illusions of Grandeur" (1x06)
"Kinky" (1x08)
Session order
"Corporeal Beast" (OSx01)
"Kinky" (1x08)
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"Granny's Cookie Tin" (1x07) is the 7th session of the first campaign of Itora.

Lingering in the pirate cove, Versa reunites with Kismet, Lurtak spends some time with Lure, and Versa contemplates some bad decisions. Departing the cove, the party fight some elementals who had been burning the forest, and encounter a very friendly old woman who offered suspicious baked goods.


Pirate Cove

After a late night, the party wake up at the crack of noon and discuss their next course of action. They decide to look around for different members of Versa's old crew. The group meets with Lure, who gives the party a handful of gear she figures nobody will miss. She begs them to take them and leave to avoid trouble, to which Versa refuses.

She also provides the information of three business contacts Magpie has used recently, along with the explicit instructions to use this information to identify and avoid them, rather than pursue. Vespon, a foreman of Fethedon Mines outside of Zhork that deals in the gem and ore trade. Aura, a thieves guild-aligned fence operating in Ockburn who deals in textiles, spices, and illicit magic items. Groz, a goliath hitman operating outside of Hophis as a contact for the assassin organization the Sunthorn. Lurtak takes note of the mention of the last contact, but says nothing.

Versa and Gael tracks down Kismet at the bar, who is very drunk already. They cure her intoxication as she is overjoyed to see her best friend, Versa, alive and well again. Kismet tells them that scouting guards were aware of but unable to find the intruders - the party - last night.

Lurtak flirts with Lure a bit and asks to speak to her privately. The rest of the gutter-minded party take the bait and assume they just wanted some private time, but Lurtak actually wanted to talk to Lure about a mystery he has been chasing - who killed his former crew, The Scarlet Plunderers. Lure checks some documents and concludes that the Sunthorn, operating outside of the neighboring country of Venorin, were the likely culprits.

Magpie heads into a meeting in her office which Versa eavesdrops on. She declares that the previous Captain Vice - Versa - is still alive, which her crewmate doubts. Magpie, unamused by their lack of faith, quickly corrects their tone. The crewmate tries to disprove the theory by recalling that attempts to scry on them did not work. They move on from that topic and begin to discuss potential names for this pirate cove settlement, like Goldhaven or Siren's Call.

Versa breaks off from eavesdropping and wishes to break onto the ship. Gael tries to convince her to leave before her presence is known, but Versa attempts it anyway. She finds a magical barrier blocking entry any direction she went. She applies a poison that catches fire when exposed to sunlight to the side of the ship and runs off.

The party gather their horses and march off for a full day of travel toward to Daith.

Conflagration and Cookies

The party take a long rest along the road home, leveling up to Level 5. As they're packing up to get moving, Pine identifies the gear they received from Lure as a +1 Shortsword, +1 Longbow, Instrument of the Bards, and Rian's Feather.

After half a day of travel, the party notice some smoke in the distance, then fire. Traveling a short distance into the woods, they come across some elementals, specifically several magmin and a fire elemental, who are tearing a path of destruction through the forest. The group dispatch the elementals and follow the devastation, coming to a verdant clearing at the end.

In the center of this clearing, they see an old gnome woman, sitting on a quilted blanket with a picnic basket by her side. Tempted by the scent of baked goods, the group approaches.

Oh hello dearies; this is a nice clearing for a picnic, don’t you think?
— Granny to Friend and Friends

She expresses great concern for you all, noticing you were just in battle. She offers them some treats, claiming she is on her way to her granddaughter’s house and is sure she won't be able to eat them all before they go bad. Everyone accepts, though some with more hesitation than others. Each cookie evokes visceral imagery and feelings in their minds, but are otherwise unaffected. She tells them that they passed her test and as a reward she wants to give them a cookie tin. Pine identifies it as a legendary item capable of great boons and banes.

Pine invokes the tin, declaring he would like some pie. The pie, when eaten, manifests the effects of Temperance:

XIV - Temperance - All but one magic item you own disappear. Their direction is known to you. The distance is within a day’s travel of your current location. One or more creatures guard the location.

All but one magical item (Pearl of Power) that Pine has in his possession vanish, and appear in a guarded location to the north. The party decide to take a short rest to recuperate before tackling the missing items.

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