The Purple Goddess

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"The Purple Goddess"
Campaign 1 Downtime
Session no.Session DT03
Session dateApril 25, 2021
throughMay 8, 2021
Start dateMay 16, 353 WSK
End dateMay 31, 353 WSK
Bunnies as the Dungeon Master
Narrative chronology
"A Pirate's Life" (1x12)
"Nothing Stops the Mail" (1x13)
Session order
"A Pirate's Life" (1x12)
"Nothing Stops the Mail" (1x13)
List of Downtimes
List of Campaign 1 sessions

"The Purple Goddess" (1xDT03) is the 3rd downtime of the first campaign of Itora.

The party take two weeks to equip themselves with knowledge, faith, weapons and tattoos.


Day 0

Versa goes shopping and pulls the Emperor from the Boulangerie de Beaucoup:
IV - The Emperor - A small group of recognizes you as their Chosen One, an avatar of the gods. They will do anything to aid you and will enact your commands to the best of their abilities.
Versa and Gael go to temples throughout Ockburn.
At the Diviner's Sanctorum, they encounter cloaked figures with magical darkness under their hoods enshrouding their faces. They greet Gael with “Honored to be in your presence, fair one”, to which they are appropriately taken aback.
The Botanical Embassy looks like a less tacky Rainforest Cafe run by druids. With their aid, Versa casts Commune for guidance in her quest.
At the House of the Madame, they meet with Clyde, an attendant in the middle of his duties caring for over a dozen hungry stray dogs.
Versa encounters a group of people in hooded purple cloaks following her several times throughout the day.
The group spot Versa cornering her and Gael in an alley and bowing down before her. Versa turns invisible and she and Gael run away, seeming to lose the group. Soon after, the group is found sitting in the inn/tavern where the party is staying. Versa goes in invisible, eavesdrops conversations about them being upset they botched whatever it is they were doing. Versa leaves to stay with Afiqa for the night.
Pine visits his sister to give her the Pot of Awakening.

Week 1

Day 1

Gael obtains the Mark of the Elven tattoo and trains a bit to hone their Perception and Woodcarving skills. They also take time to meditate and pray to Cordelia.
Lurtak researches the Sunthorn.
He reads somewhere they aren't as much of a secret organization if you know how to get their attention, so he pretends to be drunken and disorderly in a bar, saying he wants someone dead. He overhears people talk about how the docks at night might be dangerous, so he heads their instead and works carrying cargo around while keeping an eye out.
Versa obtains the Wings of Ink tattoo.
Pine obtains the Mark of the Spider tattoo.

Day 2-6

Lurtak obtains the Tattoo of Protection, forages, and brews.
Versa researches how to forcibly remove someone's warlock patron, but doesn't come up with many answers. She also brushes up on basic information about the gods and popular religions.

Day 5

Versa, disguised, attempts to steal books from the Mytharium, gets caught, gives them up and runs away.
Outside, she encounters her "flock" again. She insults their gaudy cloak color choice and the half-orc woman clocks Versa for insulting it. They all chide her and she leaves, only to drop her disguise. They dash after her, with the tabaxi almost catching up before Versa takes flight.

Day 7

Gael's week of worship bears fruit, earning religious favors.
Versa has a Revelation, revealing lore about Magpie’s patron and the Fair Abyss.
She learns of Professor Grend BG, a kobold arcanist, metallurgist, sailing enthusiast who retired to Zhork, who may have more information about the Fair Abyss.
Pine has a Revelation, revealing lore about the Sunthorn.

Week 2

Lurtak brews and forages. Gael trains. Versa forages and adds spells to her spellbook.

Day 8

Lurtak commissions his glaive to have 1 Mirror Image per long rest, to be completed by the 31st.

Day 14

Versa has a Revelation, revealing lore about Magpie’s patron and the Fair Abyss.
She learns her patron is a Sea Monster of some sort, what it is/was, what its goals are, and how it got corrupted.
She learns that deep below the Fair Abyss lies priceless treasure.
Versa goes back to the House of the Madame
Meets with a Matron and makes a deal to come back with the Pact document and/or with the person in question
Pine meets with Pies and is given a mission.

Day 15

Lurtak retrieves his Glaive of Shadow Clones.
Lurtak draws Judgement from the Boulangerie de Beaucoup, creating a deadline of May 31, 354 WSK:
XX - Judgement - Within the next year, your life up to that point will be judged. Your actions from this moment on will heavily influence the judgment. Sentences can range wildly, both positive and negative.
Versa makes a Fraxinella poison. Gael crafting Versa-shaped idols with their new woodworking skills and Versa paints them.
They hide the idols in four locations with a map at the first alleyway where they encountered the purple cloaked figures.

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