Campaign 1: Friend and Friends

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Campaign 1 is the first campaign of Itora. This character-driven campaign is set in the country of Rottia and begins in March, 353 WSK. The adventuring party is known as Friend and Friends.


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Actor Character Race Class
Bean Jack D'Thronkadonk Half-orc Druid (Circle of the Moon)
Pine Therisn Dragonborn Bard (Lore)
DMarty Lurtak Tortle Fighter (Eldritch Knight)
Ricoril Yeltsa Half-elf Paladin (Oath of Glory)
GuardianAngel Fueryon Lizardfolk Barbarian (Path of the Beast)
Gael Rhiannon Changeling Ranger (Fey Wanderer), Cleric (Twilight Domain)
Nixup Versa Tiefling Rogue (Swashbuckler), Wizard (Bladesinging)
Bunnies The Dungeon Master

Story arc summaries

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Story arc First session Last session
Arc 1: Daith "Friends and Fiends" (1x01) "Religions and Magic and Poisons (Oh My!)" (1xDT02)
A group of adventurers form to on a variety of quests in and around the city of Daith, biting off more than they could chew.
Arc 2: Vice and Virtue "Illusions of Grandeur" (1x06) "The Purple Goddess" (1xDT03)
Pursing the mysterious Captain Vice, the party find themselves in the middle of an incredibly complicated lover's quarrel.
Arc 3: Balance "Nothing Stops the Mail" (1x13) "The Twilight Bargain" (1x17)
The party explore an ancient fey temple in the desert on a quest to restore long-lost balance.
Arc 4: Lark "Risky Business" (1x18) "Daisy and the Bastards" (1x25)
The party investigate the activities of the mysterious Order of the Voiceless Lark.
Arc 5: Love and Legacy "Love and Legacy" (1xDT04) "The Heart Caper" (1xOS05)
The party spend half a year apart pursuing personal missions.
Arc 6: Devilry "Corrupted Minds" (1x26) "Slime Cube Rat Grenade" (1x31)
Arc 7: Grand Tournament "My Immortal" (1x32) "A Soul Returned" (1x42)
After invoking the magic of the cookie tin, Ricoril finds himself spurred to return home to Cleiben. Finding his sister's soul trapped within a legendary sword - the grand prize of the Grand Tournament - the party enter as combatants. The group make friends and foes, gaining a degree of renown on the path to obtain the sword to free her soul inside.
Arc 8: Feywild "Furry Explosion" (1x43) "Wishful Thinking" (1x50)
Arc 9: Tied Knots "Campaign 1 Session 51" (1x51) "Campaign 1 Session 55" (1x55)
The group ties up a few loose ends before Magpie and Versa tie the knot.
Arc 10: Fair Abyss "Campaign 1 Session 56" (1x56) "Campaign 1 Session 63" (1x63)
Traveling through the Fair Abyss, Friend and Friends set their sights on the mystery at the center of the world.